[scribus] Properties Window: Text Pane

Richard Hall richardphall at comcast.net
Sun Aug 16 07:37:19 CEST 2009

I am using Scribus under Windows XP.
I have been using Scribus for a year or so, and for the first time I 
wanted to have small caps, or an approximation thereof.

Just how does one use the small-caps K tool?

I have been playing with the tool on and off for the past two hours. I 
have gotten small caps several times, but I cannot tell how I acquired 
the effect! I certainly cannot get small caps at will.

The obvious method was to select text and click the small-caps K button. 
This accomplished nothing.

Positioning the cursor where I wanted the small-caps text to appear and 
then clicking the button did not work because typing had on effect as 
the focus was still on the text pane. And if I clicked on my text, the 
button would "pop back up".

Several other attempts were strictly from hunger and did not give me the 
effect I wanted.

Some seemingly random set of moves did give me small caps twice, but I 
had on way to duplicate the effect.

I did get small caps once by selecting text, clicking the button and 
then clicking my selected text. After my first success I have not been 
able to get small caps when and where I want them.
Trying this technique again got the results I wanted. Now my question is 
am I doing it correctly as it seems to be a baroque way to get a text 

Rick Hall

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