[scribus] Native OS X Tries to Connect to a Server

Nick Hasser nick.hasser at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 20:54:05 CEST 2009

This may be more involved than what you want, but you could run
Wireshark while reproducing the error and then examine the packets to
see what connections are being made/attempted. It would probably be wise
to shutdown all other network-using programs while doing this to limit
the amount of packets to sort through.

John Morris wrote:
> Thanks Matthias and Craig for your insights. This is a straight
> default install. As I mentioned before, I'm just playing around with
> Scribus so far. I have done nothing to change the preferences in any
> way. Also, we don't use file on external file servers on our network
> and we don't have any NFS mapped drives.
>   This is clearly something to do with Scribus trying to connect to
> something. It only happens when I first launch Scribus. Are there any
> logs I can look at to figure out what is trying to connect and what it
> is trying to connect to?
> John
> Matthias Schmitt wrote:
>> As far as I can see, there are some files or paths referenced in your
>> preferences, which have been located on an external file server in the
>> past. You might have a look in your preferences. Are there any files or
>> paths referenced, which are not stored on your local hard disk?
> Craig wrote:
>> Scribus does not ever connect to any server automatically.. never
>> (unless it is some NFS etc mapped drive etc that you have done on your
>> machine)
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