[scribus] Trying to get 1.3.5 to put on Ubuntu machine

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Thu Aug 13 18:08:37 CEST 2009

Henry W. Peters wrote:
> Antonio Roberts wrote:
>> Try http://www.getdeb.net/app/Scribus
> I downloaded at this address... worked fine. Question now for me (or 
> anyone) on Ubuntu 9.04, I assume you need/should to uninstall Scribus 
> v. (or whatever version one has), manually (i.e., manual 
> build does not do this), & can I do this through the "Synaptic 
> Manager"? & probably main question; is there need to also install 
> newer dependencies, ghostwriter, etc.  ?

Well, I used 'GDebi Package Installer' once it was downloaded, to 
install Scribus 1.3.5 into my Ubuntu 9.04 system... this also, 
apparently, as far as I can determine, updated or removed the previous 
version ( & seems so far to be working well.

My initial question now is, what are the possibilities for different 
fonts (i.e., resources to look into)? Other than that, thanks much for 
the beautiful new/fresh looking program! & the Wiki pages are very 
helpful... to get one (re)started in doing work.


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