[scribus] Native Mac OS X version does not show the document window

Matthias Schmitt freak002 at mmp.lu
Thu Aug 13 08:16:31 CEST 2009


On 13.08.2009, at 07:44, Matthias Schmitt wrote:

> Sorry, but I cannot use the native Mac OS X Version. The program is  
> starting up, displays the "New Document" dialog box and then shows  
> nothing.

I deleted now my Scribus preference folder and restarted the program  
again. Now the document window appears again.

It seems to be, that the preferences can get in an inconsistent state,  
which causes the document window to refuse opening.

May be this little work-around might be of use to anybody out there.

Thank you for your wonderful Scribus.

Best Regards

Matthias Schmitt

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