[scribus] Disappearing Images

André Lategan andre at socke.co.nz
Tue Aug 11 12:16:36 CEST 2009

I produce a weekly club bulletin of about five or six pages. Roughly six 
weeks ago I started experiencing a new phenomenon.  Images that I have 
imported into picture frames simply disappear after a while and I have 
to re-import them. It is never all the pictures - just some, and the 
timing seems random. In one case I was looking at the screen, hands off 
the keyboard and mouse, and a picture simply vanished out of the frame 
as I watched. It's a pain - I have to scroll back occasionally to check 
if my pictures are still in.

When it first happened, I deleted Scribus and reloaded the latest 
version - This didn't make a difference. I am using Windows XP.
I searched the Internet and the Scribus mailing list archives, to no 
avail. Clearly it must be something about my set-up.

Any ideas, please?


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