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hi all,

> From: John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com>

> If you have pages side by side, and e.g., the left page is in Latin
> and the right page is in English (think old style Catholic Missals)
> then the text on one side should be a direct translation of the
> text on the other.  So linking and flowing the text of both sides
> is not a solution. Very quickly the two text flows would get out of
> sync.   The best you could do is take the more verbose language and
> flow it into a series of pages. Then break up the text from the
> other language into matching page size segments and insert each
> segment into the blank page opposite its mate in terms of meaning.
> For  50 pages I would just flow the English text into 25 pages. Then
> I would insert additional pages, one opposite each English page,
> one at a time, and put the pertinent translation on it.

seems fiddly time-consuming and nerve-racking to me.
whenever you make a mistake, you have to restart deleting, copying and pasting 
again, then checking if everything is ok.

why not:
linking and flowing the text of left side
linking and flowing the text of right side
formatting, if necessary
resize the frames of the side with the more verbose language
               (last step should not be nessecary)
resize the frames of the side with the less verbose language

seems less error-prone and if you make an error, you just have to resize one 

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