[scribus] 2 questions: master pages & text flow odd/even pages

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Fri Aug 7 14:59:33 CEST 2009

Ciro Soto wrote:

> Good information, thanks.
> My comments are:
> 1) I am using only one layer (background) in the document, but still
> can't edit the text frame I
> created in the master page editor when I am outside the master page
> editor.

That sounds right.

> From what Greg said,
> I can't edit any frame created in the master page editor, so I will
> have to create and edit text frame
> for each page I add to the document.

That sounds right.

> Does it mean I have to use a
> template for the page plus the
> template for the master page? I am confused.

Me too. Personally I'd just edit by hand without any template.

It may be worth seeing if you can set up the sort of text frame you 
need, and copy and paste it onto subsequent pages. That might save you 
some time setting us each page ?

It might also be worth seeing if you can use a script to set up all the 
pages and text boxes ?  Do you know any python ?

> 2) How people have claimed books of 400+ pages using scribus then?

Broken them up into smaller chunks then concatenated multiple PDFs 
externally to make a single one for printing.

> 3) I could split the book in files with one chapter each with few
> pages each. My question is then,
> when I combine the pdf files (say I have 5 chapters, so there will be
> 5 pdf files) (I would combine them
> using pdftk, for instance)  would each pdf file have the fonts loaded?
> Would I have 5 times the font information in the final pdf file?

Don't know. I hope not !

> 4) When I said 300+ pages was as an example, my book is really about
> 100 pages, but my questions
> still apply.

You might even get away with doing 100 pages in one go, though don't 
depend on it and others may advise you otherwise.

> I appreciate the multiple responses to my questions. thank you.

:)   No problem -  I'm sure others know more than I do !

Cheers, J/.
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