[scribus] 2 questions: master pages & text flow odd/even pages

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Fri Aug 7 12:41:52 CEST 2009

ale.comp_06 at xox.ch wrote:

>>> I understand your point, but I thought I could have a text frame
>>> already placed in the page
>>> by using the master pages, then I would edit the frame and input my
>>> text. Do you mean that
>>> I have to create a text frame for each one of the 300 pages of the
>>> book? 
>> I think what you're illustrating is that you need to figure out the
>> most efficient order of doing things. Maybe not create 300 empty
>> pages, but create a layout, then copy pages as needed, apply Master
>> Pages as needed.
>> It can be done in any order you want, but there is no sense in
>> creating a page layout 150 or 300 times.
> addendum: scribus won't be able to manage a text flow of 150 to 300
> pages!

300 pages of linked text frames would certainly be problematic.

I suspect though, that the number of sequentially linked text frames may 
be more important than the number of pages per se ?

> you should break you document in several files of about 50 pages.

Yes -  some people say less, though I've got away with over 60, though 
that document never links text frames over more than a handful of pages.

> you should also create text flows which are just a few
> pages (about 10?) long.
> if this is not possible for you, there are good chances that:
> - scribus is not the right tool for the work you are currently planning
> or
> - you are not planning correctly you work.

Does anybody have any measurements of the number of pages of linked text 
frames that become problematic ?  No doubt it depends on font size, CPU 
power and a host of other things, but it would be good to get a feel for 

> on top of it, it may also be that scribus is not mature enough for that
> task.

Though I don't know that there is any particular reason to think this ?

I guess the interesting question is how does the document naturally 
break down into sections.

Cheers, J/.
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