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Jean Basile jean.basile at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 6 15:46:40 CEST 2009

--- En date de : Lun 3.8.09, John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> a écrit :

> And what version of Scribus would that be?  I compile
> my own, and 
> have for most work and 1.3.5 rc3 updated as of
> last night 
> if I need newer features. 

My mistake. It is called 1.3.5dfsg-svn20090704rc3-1 or in short 1.3.5 rc3. It seems to be the same as yours, or a very close relative.

> Of course as a Slack user I live in a repository-free zone
> :<)

The repository makes wonders in a lot of areas, while losing the 1-2% architecture optimisation.

--- En date de : Lun 3.8.09, John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> a écrit :
> Ran some tests. Even the latest Scribus doesn't handle the
> notes in 

Yes. This is my sittuation.

> a pretty fashion. The quick way to get rid of those pesky
> notes is 
> to save the file from OO Writer as text and reformat the
> text in 

Unless you are dealing with a paragraph or two this is not a quick way. You are missing the point here: OO is used for the formating itself. Saving to text and losing the formatting makes the hassle of working with OO a silly gesture. You can just use a text editor, mark the formats for the text importer and voila!

> Scribus.  The slower way is to go through the document
> in OO Writer 
> and delete each note.  

Or you can just press delete all notes - an option associated with each note and save a copy. Sounds faster.

> And of course you can edit in Scribus as well. 

Now that is the slow way. While more flexible is somewhat less intuitive/visual. For me it feels like a way to fix some problems at a later stage in the production of the document. And it can get quite slow for larger documents. Anyway, this sounds about the same as the first option (the one with saving as unformated text) or even a bit worse - at least with the text editor you can apply the formats very quick for a large text by adding a tag in front of the paragraph.

--- En date de : Lun 3.8.09, Andreas Speck <andreas.speck at tiscali.co.uk> a écrit :
> I haven't tried to use the importer recently. My workaround
> for a text
> with footnotes is to save as html from OOo, which puts all

Not footnotes. Notes. It's like a virtual post it (visually it's about the same actually) linked to a certain place in the text with a note. It won't be printed, but it can be read by whomever opens the file. It's a lot faster than making an extra page with instructions.

> footnotes
> nicely numbered at the end of the document. You can then
> easily import
> this html document, or just copy/paste from OOo.

This aproach keeps some formating, but loses the finer tuning for example line space.

--- En date de : Lun 3.8.09, John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> a écrit :
> Not sure if the OP meant footnotes or the comment feature,
> also 
> called notes, popular with MSword and its clones. 

With Word being a clone of the previous Word Perfect... ;-)

So where can I point out the bug? Because, in my oppinion, as long as Scribus does not have notes they should be discarded silently.



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