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Andreas Speck andreas.speck at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Aug 3 19:14:39 CEST 2009

John Culleton wrote:
> On Monday 03 August 2009 11:08:34 am Jean Basile wrote:
>> What's the status of the OO Writer importer? What I have
>> installed via the Ubuntu repository hosted by scribus.info
>> imports the notes as well within the text in an ugly way.
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> Ran some tests. Even the latest Scribus doesn't handle the notes in 
> a pretty fashion. The quick way to get rid of those pesky notes is 
> to save the file from OO Writer as text and reformat the text in 
> Scribus.  The slower way is to go through the document in OO Writer 
> and delete each note.  
> And of course you can edit in Scribus as well. 
I haven't tried to use the importer recently. My workaround for a text
with footnotes is to save as html from OOo, which puts all footnotes
nicely numbered at the end of the document. You can then easily import
this html document, or just copy/paste from OOo.


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