[scribus] Issue 0007189

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon Apr 13 03:35:25 CEST 2009

Issue #0007189 seems to be back. Except the original person posting
about it was on Windows XP and I'm on Intrepid x86_64. And I'm using
the April 23, 2009 build of 1.3.5svn.

My experience is exactly the same as described by the original poster. 

I can send someone a couple of PS files that cause this. Both were
created by printing to file with another app. I tried it using
different PS level 2 printers (I have several installed), but the
results were the same. I can click on the image and move it, scale it,
etc. for a while, but eventually Scribus hangs and I have to kill it.
Sometimes it hangs the first time I select the image and other times I
can work with it for a minute or two before Scribus hangs.

On an unrelated issue, is there a way to crop a PS file imported as a
vector? The app I created the object in and from which I exported it
insists on adding the page border area, even though I printed just the
"selection." I end up with white space on the right and left edges of
the image.

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