[scribus] updating 1.3.5 with svn

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 13 01:24:23 CEST 2009

Carl Symons wrote:
> Thanks to all the folks who've posted about 1.3.5svn, making it
> possible for neophytes to get the good stuff.
> What is the process for updating Scribus built from svn?
> I understand "cd into your working copy and run 'svn up'" to get the
> most up-to-date version.
> After that has been done, what is the process for cmake, make and make
> install? Does it take a complete fresh install? Or is there some
> incremental update process?
the process is the same as with the original: cmake (with options), 
make, make install. Depending on the size and extent of the update, you 
may not have to build the entire package - make decides this for you.

I don't always, but some people always delete their final install site 
every time before doing make install -- this can prevent some nasty 
critters hanging around.
Every once in a while, you might have to delete your svn directory, in 
which case you have to do the svn co ..... again.


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