[scribus] 1.3.5svn bug

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sat Apr 11 20:08:29 CEST 2009

Using 1.3.5svn on Intrepid x86_64. The About window says 23 February
2009, Build ID: C-C-T-F-C1.8.0-64bit, Using Ghostscript version 8.63.

The document is one page, tabloid extra (12 x 18 inches), landscape. It
is actually a book cover. I have a bunch of small text boxes grouped
together. I am trying to left align the group to a vertical guide, but
the text in the leftmost box has a sidebearing on the first character,
so I need to move the group just a shade to the left of the guide. 

It is impossible to do this with the mouse with sufficient accuracy. So
I am using the Properties window to type the absolute x distance,
changing by a hundredth of an inch each time until it is perfectly
lined up. The bug is that I type the distance in the x box and it goes
to the previous distance I typed. Or sometimes it seems to go to the
distance three times ago. Sometimes I can't tell where it got the
distance it decided to move the group to. All I can say for sure is
that I type a distance in the box, hit Enter, and the group moves
someplace other than where I specified.

I don't know where it file bug reports or where to check if this has
already been reported. If it has already been reported, please
disregard this message. If not, please tell me if I need to file it
someplace else. The file I am working on is not large and I can upload
it if it would help.

I'm also getting occasional "signal -9" crashes. I haven't found a
pattern yet, but I keep trying to figure out what I was doing when it
happened. Naturally, I will report back if I can come up with something

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