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Thu Apr 9 21:13:41 CEST 2009

Tom Connolly wrote:
> I'm new to Scribus, but not to DTP. Your best bet is to confer with your
> printer. Does he have the software to make a booklet pdf from your
> single-page pdf file?  If so, he will deal with the things like bleed and
> creep.  All you need worry about is the precise placement of your pictures
> where they cross over.  I would stay away from having body type cross
> over. Headline size type (24 pt & up) OK, but you may not be pleased with
> small crossover type.
> If he doesn't have pagination software you may have to create your layout
> in printer's spreads, in which case you need to ask the printer for a
> imposition layout. This will tell you what pages print side by side that
> when folded and collated and bound will provide proper page sequence. In
> order to get this you need to know how large a signature he is going to
> print (i.e., how many pages on a press sheet). This will be based on your
> needs regarding page count and page size and number of copies, and his
> equipment capabilities. That's why you need the printer to be involved
> asap. You shouldn't have any trouble doing this in 15 or so days.  I'll be
> watching for any other questions from you that I may be able to answer,
> and will be glad to help. There is a way to achieve what you want to do.
> Start with the printer.
> wingsgroup wrote:
>> I am new to DTP and Scribus and needing to get a project done in the next
>> 2.5 weeks. (I'm probably crazy!) Anyway, I have searched, but not really
>> found any good answers to my questions. My project is actually a
>> homeschool group yearbook and I am wanting to use two-page spreads for
>> the section dividers. It will be a picture across the pages with text
>> running across. How do I go about this without losing the text and making
>> the picture look funny? I used single pages for the setup and just put
>> the picture and text right across as I was designing it visually. I
>> didn't do a lot yet because I realized that I needed answers to these
>> questions first. I read somewhere about bleeds and so I did make my pages
>> slightly bigger (the printer suggested .25 inches). Someone suggested
>> using margins for the gutter, but I am afraid that I might get some white
>> space showing. I would appreciate any help you can give!

Thanks, Tom! I actually misspoke when I said they were single pages. I did
do double pages, so I think I am fine. It seems like most of your advice was
based on that fact...am I interpreting correctly? Sorry, I just don't know a
lot of the terms! lol. Talking to the printer is probably not my best
option, either, as I am using Lulu.com...though they do have a forum and I
can e-mail support. It's just not quite getting on the phone with a person,

Thanks for the tip about text. I am just doing a large headline-type line of
text across the pages...no small text. Fortunately, I do have a background
in art, so that is one area I am not stressed about! :-)

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