[scribus] Newbie Questions About Spreads

michael crane mick.crane at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 18:46:24 CEST 2009

2009/4/9 wingsgroup <techsupport at wingsgroup.org>:

> Thanks for your response! I guess I could look at another yearbook from past
> years and see if I can get a rough idea, but taking it apart is out of the
> question. Plus, they did not use the same publisher that we are going with,
> so I'm not sure whether or not that makes a difference. We will be using
> Lulu.com.
> So, I gather from your response that there is not special "trick" to any of
> this? I just adjust everything manually? How would I cheat the picture,
> though? Cut it into two parts and adjust it like that? Sigh...this is going
> to take me forever, I think. :-(( Also, do I choose double-sided pages or
> single? I guess I mispoke earlier...my layout currently uses double-sided
> pages because it shows me the pages side by side so I can see the spreads. I
> guess that would be what I want, right?


> I think what I am afraid of is putting all this time and work into it and
> then I find out that I should have done it a different way and I have to go
> back and redo everything. :,(

Technically I'm not the one to ask. I had a hand in one hard back book
with illustrations with some illustrations going over 2 pages.
If I did it again I would make more allowance for the gutter and the
bend in the pages which made a lot of difference to how the thing
Text you can easily move out a bit but a picture might need some
judiscious "stretching" in the middle with gimp or photoshop ( I'm not
sure whether that is a good idea or not ). Or just make sure there is
nothing important in the middle.  Or have an graphic of some sort that
goes over the picture in the middle. Or don't have pictures going over
2 pages.


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