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michael crane-2 wrote:
> 2009/4/9 wingsgroup :
>> I am new to DTP and Scribus and needing to get a project done in the next
>> 2.5
>> weeks. (I'm probably crazy!) Anyway, I have searched, but not really
>> found
>> any good answers to my questions. My project is actually a homeschool
>> group
>> yearbook and I am wanting to use two-page spreads for the section
>> dividers.
>> It will be a picture across the pages with text running across. How do I
>> go
>> about this without losing the text and making the picture look funny? I
>> used
>> single pages for the setup and just put the picture and text right across
>> as
>> I was designing it visually. I didn't do a lot yet because I realized
>> that I
>> needed answers to these questions first. I read somewhere about bleeds
>> and
>> so I did make my pages slightly bigger (the printer suggested .25
>> inches).
>> Someone suggested using margins for the gutter, but I am afraid that I
>> might
>> get some white space showing. I would appreciate any help you can give!
> Probably you need to see a book already bound like you will get. mark
> a line on the pages where the limits are for what you can see easily
> near the inside then dismantle the book and see where that is.
> Text shouldn't be a problem to position but maybe you have to choose a
> picture carefully or cheat it so nothing important is buried in the
> gutter.
> regards
> mick
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Thanks for your response! I guess I could look at another yearbook from past
years and see if I can get a rough idea, but taking it apart is out of the
question. Plus, they did not use the same publisher that we are going with,
so I'm not sure whether or not that makes a difference. We will be using

So, I gather from your response that there is not special "trick" to any of
this? I just adjust everything manually? How would I cheat the picture,
though? Cut it into two parts and adjust it like that? Sigh...this is going
to take me forever, I think. :-(( Also, do I choose double-sided pages or
single? I guess I mispoke earlier...my layout currently uses double-sided
pages because it shows me the pages side by side so I can see the spreads. I
guess that would be what I want, right?

I think what I am afraid of is putting all this time and work into it and
then I find out that I should have done it a different way and I have to go
back and redo everything. :,(
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