[scribus] Placing /Scaling and file image/PDF size

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Oct 31 15:12:33 CET 2008

Mike Breiding wrote:
> alessandro rimoldi wrote:
>> hi
>> here you have the script to find out the width and the height of 
>> every picture in a .sla file:
> Thanks for the script but that is exactly the opposite of what I am 
> trying to find out. ;)
> I am trying to find out the dimensions of an image frame in pixels 
> prior to placing an image, not the sizes of frames already in use.
I think you're misunderstanding the concepts.
Frames have no size in pixels. This is a characteristic of your display 
device, probably something like 75-90ppi. If you import an image without 
any scaling, it will show at this 75 (or whatever) ppi. As you then 
scale the image down, compressing it into the frame, the *DPI* (see 
Properties > Image, or right-click and check Info in Context menu, which 
lists "Actual PPI") increases, and for print work you want this scaling 
to be 300 DPI or greater.

If you Scale Image to Frame, you may find that your DPI is 2000 or more, 
which means you are loading a larger image into memory than you 
realistically need. So you want to trim the raw image down so that the 
resulting DPI is at least 300, then you will know how much you can get 
away with.


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