[scribus] Placing /Scaling and file image/PDF size

Mike Breiding mike at WildWonderfulWV.us
Fri Oct 31 14:04:32 CET 2008

Dan Fink wrote:
> GAWD! What have I gotten myself into...?   ;)
> I'm not up to something this deep into non gui-ness
> -mb
> -------------
> No no no! It's not complicated at all. There's a couple different 
> conversations going on here in this thread, which makes it confusing.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the suggestions.
I am still hoping for a suggestion to finding out pixel sizes of image 
frames *prior* to placing the image.
If I know this then I can resize very closely to the exact sizes needed 
and thus cut down on the image file sizes.

>> -- If you edit the image in GIMP and save, it will change IN REAL TIME 
>> on your Scribus screen.

OK. But how does one know what the resized image needs to be?
Scribus does not have a choice for px in the units selection.

With 800 images I know I will get a chunky PDF not matter what. I am 
just trying to minimize it by using file sized no larger than needed.

> To use images in Scribus:
> 1) draw your image frame in approximately the size and 
> horizontal/vertical format of your image.
> 2) right click get image
> 3) The image should be BIG in the frame, you should only see a portion 
> of it. (it's small...your image resolution is likely too low)
> 4) right click image, go to properties >> image
> 5) click scale to frame size, proportional
> 6) right click image, and click adjust frame to image
> that's it!
> --Scribus links to the image, an does not change the image file itself 
> in any way, and the .SLA file does not get proportionally larger.
> -- If you edit the image in GIMP and save, it will change IN REAL TIME 
> on your Scribus screen.
> -- If Scribus performance is too slow because of large image files, 
> adjust the image display resolution in Scribus preferences -- you can 
> also set individual really big images to not display.
> --Now, your PDF will be proportionally bigger file size, but again you 
> can reduce sizes there if needed. For example, 'resample image to xxx 
> dpi' and also compression. However, if you are printing a book, your 
> master PDF resolution should be set to what your printing press 
> requires. Big PDF files are the nature of the printing game when you are 
> dealing with a press.
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