[scribus] Placing /Scaling and file image/PDF size

Dan Fink danbob at hughes.net
Wed Oct 29 22:41:26 CET 2008

GAWD! What have I gotten myself into...?   ;)
I'm not up to something this deep into non gui-ness
No no no! It's not complicated at all. There's a couple different 
conversations going on here in this thread, which makes it confusing.

To use images in Scribus:
1) draw your image frame in approximately the size and 
horizontal/vertical format of your image.
2) right click get image
3) The image should be BIG in the frame, you should only see a portion 
of it. (it's small...your image resolution is likely too low)
4) right click image, go to properties >> image
5) click scale to frame size, proportional
6) right click image, and click adjust frame to image
that's it!

--Scribus links to the image, an does not change the image file itself 
in any way, and the .SLA file does not get proportionally larger.

-- If you edit the image in GIMP and save, it will change IN REAL TIME 
on your Scribus screen.

-- If Scribus performance is too slow because of large image files, 
adjust the image display resolution in Scribus preferences -- you can 
also set individual really big images to not display.

--Now, your PDF will be proportionally bigger file size, but again you 
can reduce sizes there if needed. For example, 'resample image to xxx 
dpi' and also compression. However, if you are printing a book, your 
master PDF resolution should be set to what your printing press 
requires. Big PDF files are the nature of the printing game when you are 
dealing with a press.

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