[scribus] Placing /Scaling and file image/PDF size

Mike Breiding mike at WildWonderfulWV.us
Wed Oct 29 16:02:15 CET 2008


It has been slow going for me but I think I am getting where I need to 
be for what I want to do.

I have been struggling with getting images to fit to frames without 
cropping. I just realized I should be using "Scale to frame size" 
"Proportional" in the Properties/Image dialog.
I must have changed it previously to "Free Scaling" and thus the 
problems with sizing the images.

Now that I know that what I am wondering is this: when the image is 
scaled to fit the frame, does it reduce the image file size to reflect 
the newly scaled size?
The reason I ask this is I am concerned about using full size images and 
thus bloating the size of the PDF and also slowing screen refreshes.

Any thoughts on this?


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