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Willy Lömker j2o4e at yahoo.de
Tue Oct 28 18:46:05 CET 2008

Hello everybody,

I published 2 pretty large books with Scribus half a year ago, but this time it is a 2-fold A4-flyer. No problem so far, had it printed via PDF.

Now this had to be adopted for two 2/1 ads in a magazine; their only accepted format is unseparated postscript print files (geschlossene unseparierte Postscript-Druck-Datei). 

Ok, I thought this must be EPS, so I should export it this way. But, the format being landscape, I find the exported file to be portrait with the landscape original as kind of an overlay, hence part of the sheet is white, part of the original is missing. 

What am I doing wrong? 

Next I tried svg just for curiosity; firefox should be able to show the result. Funny, all fonts were normal instead of italic, no background image given, instead the background is all black, at another try only one of 3 images were shown, the rest the same as before - so this is not usable at all. Again: What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot! I used and tried to no avail.


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