[scribus] printing multiple copies - Qt4

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Oct 25 15:15:46 CEST 2008

This seems to be a Qt4 bug, but I thought I would mention this here 
since I don't recall seeing anyone mention it.

In 1.3.5svn (Fedora 9), when printing directly from Scribus, only one 
copy prints regardless of how many you specify in the dialog.
I first noticed this in okular, and mentioned it on #kde, where the 
answer was that this was a Qt4 problem, and it still doesn't seem to be 

I would also add that we still have the problem of inability to print 
directly from Fedora 9 - you have to specify an alternative printer command.
This does offer a workaround for the multiple copy problem (other than 
printing to a file):
lp -d printername -n2
to print 2 copies to printername.

Multiple copies from Adobe Reader, of course, is unaffected.


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