[scribus] hi guys

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Tue Oct 21 23:26:37 CEST 2008

> Scribus ver not fun to use..in fact it's a major PITA. I made
> do with OO, but that's NOT the way to make a good flyer!!!
> seem to be a bug in scribus package...this came from zenwalk:
> This is a message I got back from the Scribus Zenwalk maintainer.
> You'll notice this is a Scribus bug, so the packaging is good.  Seems
> from reading the bug, they have put the patch into the developer
> version of Scribus, but not backported it.
> ----------------------
> Cannot find plugin: /usr/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgimplugin.so.0.0.0:
> undefined symbol:
> _ZN8ScPlugin19newPrefsPanelWidgetEP7QWidgetRP10PrefsPanelR7QStringR7QPixmap
> Cannot find plugin: /usr/lib/scribus/plugins//libsvgexplugin.so.0.0.0:
> undefined symbol:

I have no idea what zenwalk is, but if you read those error messages
they all say "Cannot find ..."

all those libraries are there ok, so my guess is that the package is

Tried building it from source?


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