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Joe Ward bluegrass_joe at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 18 20:28:41 CEST 2008

    Thanks very much. I will give this a try. I got the first newsletter out 
imposing by hand, but I'll be doing many more, so I'll try to evolve.   -Joe
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From: "Jan Schrewe" <jschrewe at googlemail.com>
> Hej,
> Sorry for taking so long but I was quite busy in the last days.
> Okay, first create your document setting the page size to half the size 
> you
> want to print in. If you want to print in A4 (I don't know what is used in
> the US) set the pagesize to A5. Set the "documentlayout" to "double page".
> Create your document. Export it as PDF/X3.
> Open the created document in the AcrobatReader. Tell Acrobat to print it.
> In the print pane tell Acrobat to use "Booklet Printing" as "Page Scaling" 
> and
> print to a file. A screenshot of my settings is here:
> http://intern.die-buehne.net/scribus/acro.png
> This will give you a postscript file that has the page ordering you want. 
> I
> have written a small script that does the conversion from postscript to 
> PDF.
> Although it is for linux I'm sure it can be adopted for Windows. You can 
> get
> it here: http://intern.die-buehne.net/scribus/pstopdf-x3.sh
> Add some commandline parameters and you will have a nice PDF that has the
> correct color correction embedded. Although I have not validated this, I 
> use
> this on a regular basis.
> Hope this helps,
> Jan
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