[scribus] New to publishing, Scribus, and this list

Mike Breiding mike at WildWonderfulWV.us
Wed Oct 15 14:16:50 CEST 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>> Helge Hielscher wrote:
>>> Does not sound as if they like Scribus:
>>> Quote from http://www.viovio.com/wiki/Scribus
>>> |Please use extreme care when using this program for photo book 
>>> creation.
>>> |We have found that this program can create extremely large PDFs which
>>> |don't rasterize well for printing. Typically, PDFs should not be more
>>> |than about 5 megs per page.
>>> |
>>> |The pdf generation process in Scribus appears to be extremely 
>>> unreliable
>>> |if you are concerned with image quality

> I think they have an attitude that is incorrect. My guess is that they 
> may have experience with Scribus PDFs that are not using color 
> management correctly or not at all.
> We have plenty of people working on and using Scribus that would very 
> much disagree with this company's attitude.

Greg, et alii

Do you feel this is a Scribus document setup/content issue or not using 
the correct PDF settings?


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