[scribus] external text files, was: Using SVN for Scribus sla files

avox avox at arcor.de
Sat Oct 4 18:59:05 CEST 2008

Calum Polwart-2 wrote:
> Sorry this was intended to be a straightforward question about sharing a
> file via SVN etc rather than a huge discussion on the future file
> structuring of SLA files... but since its started ;-)
> avox wrote:
>> In the long run it should be possible to have for both, images and text,
>> the
>> four possibilities:
>> - inline
>> - external file
>> - database/server connection (eg. to a CMS)
>> - render process (as with imageframes in 1.3.5.svn)
> OK that makes sense ;-)
> If I create inline (text) could it also then have a default option to
> make that into an external file.  As I was explaining I'll add a caption
> to a photo - but if someone wants to edit that it'd be far easier they
> have the XML files and edit them to suit.  The only problem I see is
> with naming...
> Oh and would the database be two way?  So if I edited the text in
> scribus it'd re-edit it on the website?  That's be cool! (Dreaming!)

Yes, the ultimate goal is to have round-trip editing for external text.

>> The inline option for images would probably be limited to small images (x
>> KB). Please note that the preferred way to combine .sla and images is to
>> use
>> "Collect for output" -- that way also font files and
>> ICC profiles get included.
> Yeh thats what I was thinking - collect for output and then share the
> collected output via SVN
>> The first step will be to make an option to store text in an external XML
>> file, expect something like:
>> <scribustext>
>> <p class="Defaultstyle">
>> Hello World!
>> </p>
>> </scribustext>
>> This might already happen in 1.3.6.
> Now you see I know nothing about XML - but what I see there is potential
> for <table> - go on tell me that could happen too... then I'll come and
> have your babies or something...
Yes, but not in 1.3.6. We have to rewrite the layout algirithm to include
table layout.
So you've time to have someone else's baby before you see that in Scribus

>>  In that version it should be
>> possible to edit the external files with a suitable XML editor (
> Does such an animal exist?  On the few occasions I've had to edit XML
> I've always resorted to plain text editor.  I guess my less enlightened
> colleagues might expect some WYSIWYG type windows front end...?

Well, Microsoft claims that Word can edit XML files with custom schemas.
I've no
experience with that or with proper XML Editors, but I'm sure there are a
propriary ones which would do the job. Maybe someone else has links to an
opensource XML editor?

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