[scribus] external text files, was: Using SVN for Scribus sla files

Calum Polwart scribus at wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk
Sat Oct 4 16:10:52 CEST 2008

Sorry this was intended to be a straightforward question about sharing a
file via SVN etc rather than a huge discussion on the future file
structuring of SLA files... but since its started ;-)

avox wrote:
> In the long run it should be possible to have for both, images and text, the
> four possibilities:
> - inline
> - external file
> - database/server connection (eg. to a CMS)
> - render process (as with imageframes in 1.3.5.svn)

OK that makes sense ;-)

If I create inline (text) could it also then have a default option to
make that into an external file.  As I was explaining I'll add a caption
to a photo - but if someone wants to edit that it'd be far easier they
have the XML files and edit them to suit.  The only problem I see is
with naming...

Oh and would the database be two way?  So if I edited the text in
scribus it'd re-edit it on the website?  That's be cool! (Dreaming!)
> The inline option for images would probably be limited to small images (x
> KB). Please note that the preferred way to combine .sla and images is to use
> "Collect for output" -- that way also font files and
> ICC profiles get included.

Yeh thats what I was thinking - collect for output and then share the
collected output via SVN

> The first step will be to make an option to store text in an external XML
> file, expect something like:
> <scribustext>
> <p class="Defaultstyle">
> Hello World!
> </p>
> </scribustext>
> This might already happen in 1.3.6.

Now you see I know nothing about XML - but what I see there is potential
for <table> - go on tell me that could happen too... then I'll come and
have your babies or something...

>  In that version it should be
> possible to edit the external files with a suitable XML editor (

Does such an animal exist?  On the few occasions I've had to edit XML
I've always resorted to plain text editor.  I guess my less enlightened
colleagues might expect some WYSIWYG type windows front end...?

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