[scribus] external text files, was: Using SVN for Scribus sla files

avox avox at arcor.de
Fri Oct 3 13:20:05 CEST 2008

Calum Polwart-2 wrote:
>>> For a start, having a text-only-editor would be great.
>> the .sla file format is changing towards xml conformitiy. in this
>> context, it is planned to make external text sources possible.
>> it's not on the highest priority, but afaik it will happen.
>> ... and with a bit of luck we will get a new .sla which is an archive
>> (zip, tar) of xml files...
> Curious - will that be optional or enforced?  i.e. when I add a photo it
> is basically enforced - there is no way to import a photo into the sla
> file its self.  When I add a text document I might do that using import,
> or by cut'n'paste or by free typing.
> The reason I ask is if I share those files back - they would need to (a)
> all be there (b) be named logically.  If I import a document then the
> naming could follow, But cut'n'paste or free type would likely just be
> named Text1234 - which means expecting someone to make edits on the file
> is tricky...


In the long run it should be possible to have for both, images and text, the
four possibilities:
- inline
- external file
- database/server connection (eg. to a CMS)
- render process (as with imageframes in 1.3.5.svn)

The inline option for images would probably be limited to small images (x
KB). Please note that the preferred way to combine .sla and images is to use
"Collect for output" -- that way also font files and
ICC profiles get included.

The first step will be to make an option to store text in an external XML
file, expect something like:

<p class="Defaultstyle">
Hello World!

This might already happen in 1.3.6.

The next step will be to relax the restriction on the XML format to allow
generic XML+CSS2.1+some Scribus extensions. In that version it should be
possible to edit the external files with a suitable XML editor (Scribus
would provide stylesheets which translate the Scribus formatting to CSS and
a schema for Scribus extensions. The XML editor should preserve unknown CSS
style attributes)

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