[scribus] Page numbering

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Oct 2 16:25:49 CEST 2008

joe wrote:
>     I've been working on my 14-page newsletter,  using double pages, laboriously putting page two stuff on the left hand part of the sheet where 13 is on the right,
> three on the left where 12 is on the right, etc.
>     I was up to 5 on the left, when I noticed that Scribus apparently has helpfully rearranged them for me -- 2 with 3, 4 with five, etc.
>      I don't have the pages set up for automatic numbering, but have carefully placed each page number unautomatically. Why is Scribus doing this? 
>     How can I get them to come out the way the printer is demanding them?
>     I'm working with  in Windows XP.
If I understand correctly, you are building your document with manual 
imposition -- your page numbering scheme.
This is addressed on the wiki in various ways, but I would recommend 
creating your Scribus document, without imposition first, then if you 
want to do a pure Scribus imposition, do this in PDF Export, where you 
can specify an order of pages in the PDF output.
Alternatively, as indicated in the wiki, there are external tools to 
modify the PDF after you create it.

Many printers can do imposition for you, apparently yours can't.


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