[scribus] Still the cut-off

Pedrie Roberts pedrieroberts at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 09:18:47 CET 2008

Peter wrote:
> IMO this sounds more like a printer driver problem than a Scribus problem.
> What operating system do you use? What printer? What printer driver (and
> version)? What printer driver settings?

I use Windows XP Home (32 bit, SP3). Our main printer is a Konica
Minolta C450 (which is powerful and advanced). The printer driver is
Postscript, I believe. The same thing, however, happens on a little HP
Laserjet 1020 and, I suppose, on our HP Officejet printers (though I
haven't used them much for printing).

John wrote:
> A bit harsh. It seems to work 8 times out of 10!
No, not in my experience, especially not if you have graphic content
on the right. BTW, I said we experienced it from - that should
be Also: please don't misunderstand me: I'm a very big
supporter of Scribus. In fact, my business basically runs on Scribus.
We have used it daily for two and a half years, not only for layout
but also for a lot of graphical designing.
I just wish I could print from the program.

John wrote:
>  b) as I recall, scribus print preview shows the same problem.
You're right - it does.

Gregory wrote:
> I think what is happening is that Scribus is cutting off printing at the
> margins.
I'm not so sure. To give an example in simple terms. This week I had
an A4 landscape, divided into to A5 pages, margins all around 15 mm.
The left page was only text; the right page was only graphical
content. When I printed from Scribus, only the left page was printed,
with only two horizontal lines at the top of the right page.

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