[scribus] Still the cut-off

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sat Nov 29 13:03:24 CET 2008

Pedrie Roberts wrote:

> Is there hope that the old problem will be fixed that Scribus (I use
>; we experienced this from when we started with cuts
> off content on the right hand side of the page (more often graphical
> content) when printing from Scribus?

I had this on a recent job. We imported the file into 1.3.5svn and there 
was no problem printing from there, but in the end we stuck with and printing from PDF so we could stick with stable scribus.

One issue however was that the two sides of flyer in question were over 
11 meg as a PDF which made it hard to email to other people for remote 
printing. I know there are workarounds for this too, but it seems to get 
silly when you need workarounds for your workarounds !  On the other 
hand, there were 3400 copies to print, which is a lot of local printing.

  I don't know how other people
> manage to use the program with this problem, but we are simply forced
> to export everything as PDF before printing.

That's what we do. It's been a adequate work around.

> Scribus almost could just
> as well not have a print function.

A bit harsh. It seems to work 8 times out of 10 !

Cheers, J/.
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