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avox avox at arcor.de
Tue Nov 25 07:52:07 CET 2008

John Culleton-3 wrote:
> On Monday 24 November 2008 09:00:40 am avox wrote:
>> John Culleton-3 wrote:
>> > For some functions Scribus calls Gimp, but Gimp only works in the
>> > RGB color model, although it will display a graphic limited to
>> > the CMYK color model.  If I have a graphic in CMYK, and call a
>> > Scribus function which uses Gimp, will the graphic still be in
>> > CMYK when exported as a pdf from Scribus?
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>> Unless I've missed a very recent development, Scribus does not call
>> Gimp. The only time Scribus opens Gimp for an image is if the user
>> selects "edit with
>> external program" from the image's context menu. AFAIK you can
>> choose to open
>> Photoshop or whatever instead by configuring the path in Scribus's
>> options.
>> All other image manipulation is done by Scribus code, LittleCMS and
>> lately lib2geom.
>> /Andreas
> I am using 1.3.5 of very recent vintage.  I right clicked on the map 
> image taken from one of the templates and clicked on "edit image." 
> Immediately I was taken to Gimp. Maybe it is just a menu issue. What 
> I see as edit image is what you see as "edit from an external 
> program."

Yes, that's it. I was recalling the name of that function from memory.
Obviously, if you have CMYK images, you should not use that function
or configure a cmyk-capable in Scribus preferences

> (Gimp had problems with the jpg image but that is not a Scribus 
> problem.  I am still trying to get Gimp to upgrade properly on my 
> Slackware system. There is something bollixed up in gegl and so on.  
> But that is not the issue here. )

If that was a CMYK-jpg (which are quite uncommon), it's no wonder
Gimp doesn't like it. Dunno if GEGL changes that.


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