[scribus] Scribus calls Gimp

Hedley Finger hfinger at handholding.com.au
Sun Nov 23 23:34:53 CET 2008


> Unfortunately X/3 hasn't made it across the ocean yet. Our printers
> are totally ignorant of it.  So a further conversion would still be
> needed. I will experiment with this however. It might solve some
> other problems.

Have you tried saving a PDF as X/3, opening it again in Acrobat, then 
*printing* it to PostScript or PDF using Adobe PDF or whatever virtual 
printer with the  protocol your printer requires?  With any luck, the 
first pass would convert everything to CMYK, and the second pass will 
get it in the PDF protocol your printer requires.  I have done this in 
the past to get an unstructured PostScript file into structured 
PostScript (which, after all, is what PDF is).

Hmmmm, does Windows GDI get in the way at any point and try to convert 
it all back to RGB.  Experts, please!  Why not find a printer who uses 
RGB --> CMYK on the fly in the ripper?

There are many ways to skin the cat ...



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