[scribus] Confused on how to insert/delete pages

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 19:53:36 CET 2008

Peter Nermander wrote:

>>> It becomes even more problematic since Scribus only has one reference
>>> point for a frame (it can be set to 9 different settings though).
>> Could a tenth be the top leff corner of the guides ?
> The 9 settings is the 4 corners of a frame, mid point of each side and the
> center. That is the reference point for the X and Y position numbers.
> So, if you have a frame 100x100 mm and set the position to 50 mm from the
> top and the side, and the reference point is the top left corner it will
> end up with the top left corner 50 mm from the sides. But if the reference
> point is the lower right corner, setting the position to 50 mm from the
> sides you will only get 1/4 of the frame on the page (because the lower
> right corner will be 50 mm from the sides).

I must be missing something here.

I suppose I'm assuming that its common practice to set up guides for use 
as margins on the master pages, and that these may be shifted right to 
left a little on L and R master pages by an amount that depends on the 
binding that is anticipated.

As things stand, objects are frequently aligned to these by the user and 
not subsequently moved if the guides move.  All that is being suggested 
is that there be a way to tell Scribus to place objects with respect to 
something other than absolute page position.

I'm suggesting that there be an option to place objects with respect to 
the guides, e.g. the leftmost margin guide from the applicable master page.

I don't see this as conditional formatting because I'm not suggesting 
that Scribus do something conditional, so much as place objects relative 
some object on a master page, (OK, typically the left hand margin guide).

I'm not suggesting this displace existing behaviours, or even that it be 
the default behaviour, but it would I think, be useful in some (many, 
maybe for some people most) circumstances.

>> In the basic case where people set the guides and work within them, I
>> would have though it would be useful to many people, and relatively
>> quick to implement ?
> What is the basic case? When I set up guides I usually have about a dozen
> guides.
> If I print on en regulat printer I usually set a couple of guides
> for how near the edges the printer can print, I set one vertical guide in
> the middle of the page, often 3-4 horizontal guides (maybe one center and
> then 2 to split the page in thirds).
> I'd say using a lot of guides is one of the keys for consistent design.

Well quite possibly, though I'd also have thought that if binding 
required different margins on L and R pages, it would be sensible to 
move all the objects placed with respect to those guides if page content 
had to move from L to R or R to L.

> So, how would Scribus know what guides to use for this conditional
> placement and not?

I wouldn't have though it would be rocket science to have some way to 
pick them on the master page ?  Or a combo box somewhere allowing you to 
select placement with respect to absolute page position, top of left 
hand margin guide etc.

In generalised form there might even be some mileage in allowing 
positioning with respect to any nominated page (or master page) object 
which might or might not be visible ?  This would allow objects 
referencing it to be moved around as a group while other page objects 
were placed with respect to an absolute or other reference.

I suppose this would make the 'coordinate system id' a per object 
setting, but the movement of objects with the respect to say the left 
hand margin guide should be easy enough to achieve with it.

Cheers, J/.
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