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Teodor-Toma Silvestru Muntean teodomas at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 14:45:42 CET 2008

Export your work in pdf/X-3 and all image (even it was imported in RGB-mode) will be converted to CMYK, but you need first to enable & set in preferences (File/Preferences/Colormanagement) the right color profile. I recomand :
for RGB - Adobe 1998for CMYK - Fogra27L Coated Press or U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2Also You can use separeted make with GIMP if you have instaled the 'separete' plug-in for GIMP - but is a complicated way. The best of is you haven't care about the CMYK/RGB mode of your imported image if you export it to PDF/X-3. p.s. I usualy use RGB images because is smaller then CMYK, and using Scribus 1.3.5.svn, can export with black with 'OVERPRINT'-enabled (this mean the black color of text -for example- not make white hole in C,Y,M, color-chanels) just convert to outline - (the text) befor export. Also if you want to use Photoshop not GIMP, you can set in Preferences/External-Tool/Image Procesing Tool - the right path to photoshop.exe    Sorry for repething my self, I prefer Gimp, and RGB images, and sorry fot my bad english.
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Subject: [scribus] Scribus calls Gimp
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For some functions Scribus calls Gimp, but Gimp only works in the RGB 
color model, although it will display a graphic limited to the CMYK 
color model.  If I have a graphic in CMYK, and call a Scribus 
function which uses Gimp, will the graphic still be in CMYK when 
exported as a pdf from Scribus? 
John Culleton
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