[scribus] Confused on how to insert/delete pages

Mark F. PAL350 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 15:54:42 CET 2008

Dan Fink-2 wrote:
> Hi Mark --I just completed a 320-page, heavily-illustrated technical 
> book using Scribus. I guess you could say my workflow was designed 
> around Scribus:
> http://tinyurl.com/5b8wpd
> Each chapter of 10-20 pages was a separate Scribus file. Within those 
> chapters, re-arranging sections was easy--just a couple minutes of 
> re-formatting using the master page templates if I had to insert or 
> remove pages.
> Then the final steps were;
> - Assemble sections into final order in each chapter
> - Assign page numbering to each chapter
> - Build TOC and Index
> - Generate press-ready PDF of each Chapter
> - Assemble PDFs into one large PDF, using PDF Toolkit (or Acrobat)
> I hope that helps.
> Bingo!  Now I'm cookin'.  Had the gas before, you gave me the match.
> I verified that I can do everything in your list with some sample sections 
> (except the TOC and page numbering, which I'd figured out already).
> The separate-section method was my original approach, after seeing the 
> "book" feature in Quark (even though it wasn't reliable in that particular
> S/W). 
> A friend of mine who has used Scribus suggested I should create 
> the book in one big hunk, but I realize now he had never tried a large
> project.
> Many things in life are compromises, as I found out during 23yrs in
> aerospace.
> We used to say, "You can have it fast, good, or cheap.  PICK TWO."  Since
> time 
> is not a factor in my case, I'm going for good and cheap!  I'm willing to
> put
> up with a little extra formatting baloney to get what I want.
> The separate-section approach looks like a winner in my case.
> In the long run, however, an "adjust page contents" option might be
> worthwhile.
> That is, when an odd number of pages are deleted or inserted for any
> reason in 
> a "double-sided" document, Scribus might offer an "adjust page contents" 
> checkbox.  If checked, Scribus would make all subsequent pages in the
> document 
> LHS if they were RHS, and vice versa.
> Come to think of it, a general "adjust page contents" check box might even
> be 
> better.  You check the box, then specify a range of pages, and "OK". 
> Scribus 
> switches those pages.
> Thanks everybody for the help!
> --Mark
> Eeeyow.  Okay.  Looks like more explanation on my part is in order.
> I have a good idea of what the book is going to look like.  I can lay out
> individual chapters with good results.  I have a handle on the margins,
> illustrations, headers/footers, and virtually all other details.
> This is a technical/hobbyist book which consists of numerous sections,
> each on a different piece of equipment.  I have more sections than are
> necessary to reach my target size of 235-250 pages  (~125 two-sided
> pages).  That's why I'm looking for a way to move, add, or delete
> sections.  Right now, I don't have a final idea of WHICH sections are
> ultimately going to be used because I don't have a good enough
> estimate of the page count until I actually lay them out with all the
> pix.  This is a heavily-illustrated book.  Sort of a Catch-22.
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