[scribus] Confused on how to insert/delete pages

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Nov 18 07:40:29 CET 2008

> Eeeyow.  Okay.  Looks like more explanation on my part is in order.

I understand what you mean, and I'll try to give an example so others
might understand better.

The example is margin notes. Imagine a book where you have additional
notes/comments or even pictures (in separate frames) in the outside
margin. Inserting or deleting a single page will put the margin notes in
the inside margin instead of the outside margin.

And there is no way assigning master pages will move those margin notes.

(I understand that in your case you might not have any margin notes, but
they illustrate the problem you are facing.)

Scribus currently can't do much of "conditional" formatting, most people
on the list would probably say that LaTeX would (considering current
states) be a better tool for such a book.


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