[scribus] Locking/unlocking frames => by the page or document, show locked frames

Mike Breiding mike at WildWonderfulWV.us
Thu Nov 13 17:35:41 CET 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Mike Breiding wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Is there a way to unlock or lock an entire page or document regardless 
>> of whether any objects are already locked?
>> Currently, if I have a page with some, but not all objects locked and 
>> I select all the objects and drop the context menu, the "Is Locked" is 
>> checked. If I then un-check it it does not unlock all the objects.
>> If, while all objects are still selected I then choose "Is Locked" all 
>> objects are not locked.
>> I get the same behavior when I select the entire document.
>> Is there a way to have locked objects visible other than selecting them?
>> something like a: "Show locked frames" option?

> There may be different opinions on this. In general, I think the devs 
> would say (not being one of them myself) that there have to be 
> limitations set on how many particular ways of slicing and dicing a 
> document need to be available. At some point it just gets confusing, and 
> also can lead to a never-ending request list for yet another way to 
> tweak a document.

Yes, the "fiddle factor" is endless.
Just, wanted to verify if I wan missing something or not.

> As you note, these things are not possible in the way you are trying. 
> OTOH, you can certainly bring up the layers dialog (F6), and lock entire 
> layers, and make them visible or hidden. You can continue working with 
> this dialog still available.

As usual, I missed the F6/Layers dialog.
Is each object considered a layer?

> As far as finding locked objects, as you 
> should note,  the frame has a different appearance when an object is 
> locked, so visually you can instantly see this.

The different appearance is only when the object is selected.
I thought it would be handy see all locked objects without having to go
through and select each one.


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