[scribus] Frustrations:Paragraph Styles & fonts keep changing; cut & paste (Scribus

alessandro rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 12 15:10:48 CET 2008

hi murray

it's really nice that you are trying out scribus and from what i know about scribus, you should be able to achieve your task with it.

but: you shouldn't forget that this program is still a work in progress, that there are only few persons programming it and all of them are doing it in their free time.

> Somehow, Scribus really does not keep track
> of all the operations, and selecting undo (especially using <CTRL>Z
> or <Command>Z on the Mac) can have disastrous results, such as simply
> crashing the program.

in 1.3.3.x the undo engine is still far from complete.
the current svn version has a new action recorder (iirc) *and* most actions can be undone (the greatest and important exception are -- afaik -- the text editing)

i wonder if in 1.3.3.x an alert should pop up the first time a user undoes something.  

> A couple other things: I find it to be quite slow. This is just an
> annoyance and if I break a document into sections that have less that
> 20 pages, it isn't too bad.

for now this is the way you are supposed to work with scribus: break up your .sla in sections. and this fact won't change in the near future.

> The PDF files are REALLY bloated.
> However, I can deal with this with the script,
> compress-newsletter.pl, which has been posted earlier -- it reduces
> the size by as much as a factor of ten with no noticeable degradation
> in the viewing or print quality that I have been able to detect.

this is the way it is supposed to work!
you get a pdf wich is "perfect" for printing and won't have any issues -- ever -- when printing... but if you are concerned with file size you can shrink it.

it would be nice to have both options inside of scribus, but then i guess that we would have more people asking why their smaller pdfs show errors when printing.
and since scribus is mainly thought for printing, i guess that the status quo is ok.

> I hope that someone will be attempting to fix these things in the
> next "stable" release that is put into the (K)Ubuntu/Debian
> repositories.

well, i think that you should use the current stable in (K)Ubuntu/Debian, which is on my debian...

have fun

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