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Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes fgguimaraes at teia.bio.br
Tue Nov 11 12:22:28 CET 2008

Hi Gregory and everybody else,

Consta no registro GP10291 do Livro da Grande Teia que
Gregory, em 10/11/08 escreveu o seguinte:

> What you may notice as you do this is that these extensive
> translations and original contributions were almost entirely the work
> of Ludi Maciel, whose email you should be able to find in the Scribus
> credits. We used to hear from him from time to time on the mail list,
> but not so much recently.

That's because I'm taking care of the interface translation now...  :-)

I'm sorry. I had to introduce myself and announce this to the
developers, but had some personal problems here. Now I'm doing the
revision of the actual translation and working on the untranslated
strings. Please, if you have any problems or announces of new releases,
contact me, ok?

> My sense is that there are quite a number of Brazilians working with
> Scribus, so I presume they may have their own list and maybe forum(s).

As far as I know, there isn't. But, as you said above, the wiki is a
great place to work. May we brazilians join efforts to work there and
continue the excellent work Ludi did? If there is any interested on it,
please contact me in PVT, ok? I'm good to translate, not to write in
English...  ;-)

Best regards,

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