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avox wrote:> >> ..... fonts take months or years.
Asif Lodhi wrote
> > really true?> > Would other people, who have designed one or more fonts, like to give> > their opinions?Dave Crossland wrote> I'm studying the MA degree in Typeface Design at the University of> Reading's Typography Department, and know a number of professional> type designers/font developers personally.> > A new premier-grade type design implemented as a production quality> font takes around one year to produce by a single person.> > On the MATD programme, we take 3 months to draw the word "adhesion" in> the type design we want, and then 3 months to complete the lowercase> latin alphabet and the numerals. Then another 3 months for the italic> and all the diacritics required in all Europe, and another 3 for a> complex (arabic, indic) or non-latin (greek/cyrillic/etc) script to> complement the roman/italic. Then we spend a few months after> graduating making the bold and bold italic and perfecting things.
** I stated to make fonts 10 years ago, and learned how to use glyph
in order to make other glyphes and rework them(l > i, h > n, b>d,p,q etc...)
and an egrave is a composite glyph at start.
So draw glyphes, it's just an aspect of the font, depending of the tool used. 
Hint (I hint manually), kern, spacing ajustement or opentype feature scripts
and more takes a lot of time. 
Sur, I'm not alone. I have friends and few persons on this list working 
to test in order to impove the font development... But for to do simple
here some examples:
- The gillius collection born on this list in june of the last year gets its 
"final version" last week. Just change the rendering of the "l" (lslash and
fl liga too) take a complet afternoon for only 4 fonts...
- The complet collection of Aurelis is something like 4 years of work.
some fonts aren't finished (like titling or outlines)
- I started the Ikarius (inspired from HypatiaSans) in july2007.
- The universalis font suggested by steeve as alternative to futura, and
created in february haven't all the character set completed...
- And Roger Sperberg can tell you how many time for 2 fonts...
Now Why? Not only because I love that. All programs I use, are free
or opensource. A DTP program like scribus is a gift for me. 
I was very disappointed by the quality of many polices and refuse 
me to have appeal to the piracy. I thus tried to create mine.
Everybody can benefit from the work done now. That says, nothing 
is never perfect... But need time.
Ok, I have the chance to be able to work on my stuff at office (don't 
repeat that... But my boss is also interested ;-)) and I don't work all 
the time on the same font or family, may be 2 or 3 days and recome back
few days later in order to see (apreciate) the stuff and work where 
changes are needed.
Sorry! fonts aren't like photos! I can anderstand why they seem so 
expensive, and why free fonts are need and not only for design...
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