[scribus] Which font used in the logo - Armada Regular

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Sun May 25 11:32:16 CEST 2008

Vous (Dave Crossland) avez écrit :
> 2008/5/24 Peter Nermander <peter at nermander.se>:
> > I wish fonts would be licensed the same way for example photographs
> But fonts are functional software, and photos are typically decorative
> artwork.

Since we’re yet in Gutenberg era, we can’t say that a font is a pure 
functional piece of software. As of today, it’s still a collection of graphic 
elements (more than decorative I agree, and one could even argue that glyphs 
as part of a script system _are_ logical elements but it would lead to a 
rather long discussion with the need of a lot of wine, etc.) encapsulated in 
a simplistic software. 
We can imagine or hope or think or guess that in the future fonts will be 
actual "scripter" programs. I mean not just handle the pre-processing known 
as shaper (note that it does not nowadays) but also offer all necessary logic 
to preserve text color (MM fonts or METAFONT fonts address(ed?) some of these 
problems but both are not largely used in a "graphic design" context) through 
justification where you might want to distort glyphs and alter spaces, and 
more. But even in this future, I think we’ll be some persons (yeah, plain 
old-fashioned!) to just refuse such integrated systems and want to use glyphs 
as they are rather than format text --- what I’ve prepared for myself by 
writting Undertype ;-)
So, I don’t think that glyphs should be licensed as photos because they are 
not just artwork, I don’t think either that they can be treated as plain 
software, nor double licensed! So, I don’t know exactly, just think that 
moral right (rough translation from FR) should be preserved.

> Fonts ought to be like Scribus: free as in freedom.

Free fonts are panacea, but exception too :)

Pierre Marchand

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