[scribus] Font

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Sat May 24 09:09:38 CEST 2008

Vous (John Beardmore) avez écrit :
> > A font designer deserves an income as well and it is ethical to reward
> > their work. Passing on a 20 USD expense in your global invoice is not
> > going to make you less competitive to your client.
> A brief look for Armada Regular suggested that it was certainly more
> expensive than that, and one site had the whole Armada family for some
> hundreds of pounds.
> While I fully agree that font designers work should be rewarded, I'm not
> sure that a single font family should cost as much as an whole operating
> system.
> Market forces tell me that the cost is disproportionate an drive me
> elsewhere.

It’s not a question of reward, it’s economy here. And I’m a bit shocked to 
read on this list that ~40USD for a professional grade typeface is more than 
it should be.

Pierre Marchand

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