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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sat May 24 00:33:15 CEST 2008

Cedric Sagne wrote:

> John,
> Your client should pay for a license for the font, it is down to you as 
> a designer to make them understand they are potentially breaking the law 
> getting an unlicensed font in their logo.

Hmmm...  It came from a 'professional' graphic designer originally so 
that should all have been taken care of I assume.

> The font would be licensed to them and therefore you would not be 
> allowed to use it if another client is asking for it.

Indeed, but I don't have it.  What I'm after, given that most people 
have only seen low resolution versions of the logo, is something free 
with a similar face.

When I get a moment, I will look on the Open Font Library as others have 

> Your client would 
> get a copy which would allow them to produce other texts with it, for 
> marketing purposes.

They may have, but as he doesn't know a .TTF from a .TXT file it's hard 
to be sure !  All I know is that they didn't know what the font was, or 
if they had it.

> Please note that in theory you designing a logo with a font licensed to 
> them is still breaking the law, but ideally even software auditors will 
> not be THAT nitpickers.

All the more reason for Open Fonts !

> A font designer deserves an income as well and it is ethical to reward 
> their work. Passing on a 20 USD expense in your global invoice is not 
> going to make you less competitive to your client.

A brief look for Armada Regular suggested that it was certainly more 
expensive than that, and one site had the whole Armada family for some 
hundreds of pounds.

While I fully agree that font designers work should be rewarded, I'm not 
sure that a single font family should cost as much as an whole operating 

Market forces tell me that the cost is disproportionate an drive me 

Cheers, J/.
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