[scribus] Hard Drive Duty (Re: scribus Digest, Vol 2, Issue 37)

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Fri May 23 22:47:50 CEST 2008

On Friday 23 May 2008 11:47:58 am Paul wrote:
> Good Morning! (from this time zone)
> In today's issue, this:
> I have two hard drives, and use a surge protector. The
> newest/biggest hard
> > drive is for work and the older/smaller one is for experiments
> > with different distributions and more pertinently for my two
> > backup partitions. Overnight my work files (/usr/local and /home
> > ) are backed up to partitions on drive number 2.
> >
> > About every three years I buy a still newer and bigger drive. The
> > oldest drive is retired, the remaining drive is demoted to backup
> > duty and the newest is now the daily work drive.  I buy hardware
> > from Tiger Direct.
> Wait,what happens to the oldest drive? You don't throw it away, do
> you? Can I have it (them)? (I can't afford new drives, I have to
> choose between food and new drives, and food wins)(yes, I am almost
> dirt poor. I had to walk to school in the winter with just bread
> bags on my feet, and it was up-hill both ways....)
> Paul

The retired drives end up in the junque box. I don't think an elderly 
7gb or so drive is worth shipping anywhere. For one thing they are 
ATA and SATA is fashionable nowadays. But If you want to pay the 
shipping I'll see what I can do. They will be formatted  with Linux 
partitons, with maybe a stray Win2000 partition here and there.
On what continent do you live?

Feet? You had feet? I used to crawl to school on my stumps...

John Culleton
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