[scribus] Hard Drive Duty (Re: scribus Digest, Vol 2, Issue 37)

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Fri May 23 17:47:58 CEST 2008

Good Morning! (from this time zone)

In today's issue, this:

I have two hard drives, and use a surge protector. The newest/biggest hard
> drive is for work and the older/smaller one is for experiments with
> different distributions and more pertinently for my two backup partitions.
>  Overnight my work files (/usr/local and /home ) are backed up to partitions
> on drive number 2.
> About every three years I buy a still newer and bigger drive. The oldest
> drive is retired, the remaining drive is demoted to backup duty and the
> newest is now the daily work drive.  I buy hardware from Tiger Direct.

Wait,what happens to the oldest drive? You don't throw it away, do you? Can
I have it (them)? (I can't afford new drives, I have to choose between food
and new drives, and food wins)(yes, I am almost dirt poor. I had to walk to
school in the winter with just bread bags on my feet, and it was up-hill
both ways....)


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