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Terry Todd tlt at badger.tltodd.com
Thu May 22 23:17:29 CEST 2008


Your reply here is the first time I have read in this thread that
scribus assumes an RGB printer.  

By unexplained I mean that no one explained that scribus would need
to have ICC profiles and color corrections set up if that's what
it takes to print to a Xerox 8560 or HP 9850 CMYK printer and how
to do those steps to get a behaviour that would yield color results
that match or nearly match what you see on the screen.  Instead
the explainations I got pointed to workarounds as if that's all
anyone knows how to do.

I am resigned to have two workarounds.  The fact that I never got
an explaination of how to make scribus work the way I wanted to is
OK at this point.

Thanks for all your help.  I have learned a lot from it and I hope
that others reading this thread in the future will as well.

Terry Todd

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 11:31:11AM -0400, Henry Hartley wrote:
> Terry Todd wrote:
> >> 
> >> So, my problem is solved.  Scribus' behaviour is still
> >> unexplained.
> Scribus' behavior HAS been explained.  The problem is understood and is
> related to converting images in an RGB color space to a CMYK color space
> for printing without ICC profiles and color corrections being done.
> Two work-arounds have been found that give satisfactory results --
> export to PDF with "Output intended for" set to "Screen/Web" or use a
> PDL driver on the printer.
> While a work-around isn't the same as a fix, it's probably what you're
> going to get for now.  When you click on File => Print => Print, Scribus
> assumes an RGB printer.  You don't have one so it's not printing the way
> you want but it's printing the way you should expect (now that you
> know).  "Fixing" that is non-trivial and frankly, probably not a high
> priority.  The fact is that most people printing directly from Scribus
> are not printing to CMYK printers and those who are can easily work
> around the problem.
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> Henry
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