[scribus] Nomenclature- Templates and Masters - English and German

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon May 12 14:12:27 CEST 2008

hjh at mail.fsub.de wrote:
> - 'Master pages' = ? - continued, but more general -
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Hedley, developers and users:
> A nomenclature is important for easy understanding. I suggest :
> Document:                             In comparison:
>   Scribus                             OpenOffice
>   English           - German          English          - German
>   templates         - Vorlage         Templates        - Dokumentenvorlage
> Mastering the documents:
>   masters           - Matrizen        Styles+Formating - Formatvorlagen
>   page masters      - Seitenmatrizen  page styles      - Seitenvorlagen
>   paragraph masters - Absatzmatrizen  paragrah styles  - Absatzvorlagen
>   line masters      - Zeilenmatrizen
>                                       list styles      - Listenvorlagen
>                                       character styles - Zeichenvorlagen
>                                       frame styles     - Rahmenvorlagen
> "master" is the perfect English term. The master masters a page, a paragraph,
> etc.The Webster (edition 1994) says:
>   3: controlling the operation of other mechanism (e.g. master cylinder)
>   4: establishing a standard for reference (e.g. master gauge).
> To use "page master" instead of "master page" stresses, what the  function
> is, namely "mastering".
Page master or master page, I think, may be a bit overstated. Perhaps 
Master Layer might be better, since that is closer to what it is - a 
separate layer over which other content can be placed. Pages are made up 
of one or more layers.
> "master" means "ruling". There is no equivalent in German, I think, which
> could we used here. In German "Mutter" (mother) is a possible solution, which
> means "stems from" (e.g. Mutterbaum, Mutterpflanze). In the printing trade
> there are in the German nomenclature two terms, that stem from Latin "mater",
> (Mutter, mother):
>   1. Mater = a mould for a founding patterns for printing
>              It was positive, as the printing block had to be negativ.
>   2. Matrize = a stencil, positive, the ink was pressed through or
>                those, where the printing colour was imposed on the back
>                and then used with a kind of alcohol for copying
> These techniques are gone. Laser copies or digital (offset) printing we use
> instead. But we could save the term by using it.
> Of course we could use the same terms as OpenOffice. But scribus is a
> professional tool and therefore we might / should use special terms.
> But anyway - "Musterseiten", the word I started off, is not an adequate
> term: Either "Seitenvorlagen" oder -preferred- "Seitenmatrizen".
> Does this mail reach the developers, too? I think, they are important
> in coining terms.
At the moment, our resident linguist Christoph Schäfer is a bit 
disconnected due to computer problems. I would be interested in what he 
has to say about all this. At this point, we need to make changes 
carefully and as a whole somewhat reluctantly to avoid confusing the users.

These are all good thoughts, though. Thank you.


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