[scribus] Right translation

Pier Luigi Cinquantini (katamail) plcinquantini at katamail.com
Sun May 11 18:29:43 CEST 2008

Je domenica 11 maggio 2008, Gregory Pittman skribis:
> Right - OTF fonts cannot be embedded (for now), but future versions of
> PDF may support embedding of OTF fonts. This is why Scribus
> automatically goes to outline these fonts. In contrast, with an embedded
> TTF font (you can choose to outline any font), the PDF contains the text
> and the .ttf files for instructions on how to make the glyphs.
> It is possible to use fontforge to convert an OTF font to TTF. Make sure
> you know the licensing issues, which for that matter, you should know
> about any embedded font. Commercial printers should have licenses for
> most good fonts.

Thank you very much, now all is clear.
Pier Luigi

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