[scribus] Right translation

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun May 11 14:57:26 CEST 2008

Pier Luigi Cinquantini (katamail) wrote:
> Je domenica 11 maggio 2008, Thomas R. Koll skribis:
>> It converts the characters to graphic objects with nodes.
>> E.g. if you use only a few chars of a font then you can save space
>> with that
>> BUT in your acrobat reader you cannot select and copy those graphic
>> object anymore
>> because they are no characters anymore.
> Clear, thank you.
> Why when I embed a font it goes straight away to the window "Fonts to outline" 
> and not to "Fonts to embed"?
> And does this explains "fonts to outline"?:
> "Subset all fonts into the PDF. Subsetting fonts is when only the glyphs used 
> in the PDF are embedded, not the whole font. Some fonts like Open Type can 
> only be subset, as they are not able to be embedded into PDF versions before 
> PDF 1.6."
Right - OTF fonts cannot be embedded (for now), but future versions of 
PDF may support embedding of OTF fonts. This is why Scribus 
automatically goes to outline these fonts. In contrast, with an embedded 
TTF font (you can choose to outline any font), the PDF contains the text 
and the .ttf files for instructions on how to make the glyphs.

It is possible to use fontforge to convert an OTF font to TTF. Make sure 
you know the licensing issues, which for that matter, you should know 
about any embedded font. Commercial printers should have licenses for 
most good fonts.


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